Testimonies Of Church Members

Our children’s director has been suffering from a lung infection for at least 18 months. This infection caused her to be unable to exercise or over do it because she would have symptoms like pneumonia and would take weeks to recover; although, she never was able to recover fully and breath completely. At one of our special services during our spring conference, she was prayed for and immediately felt that she was healed. Yesterday she had an appointment with her specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. Here are her comments: “The doctor asked how I was and I replied great! He asked about all of my symptoms and I said I don’t have any and I went through all my past symptoms and said there are no issues and (I’m taking) no meds. He said that’s amazing and asked what I’ve been doing different. I told him I was prayed for by an African man (our guest speaker, Andre van Zyl) a month ago and was healed on the spot! He was speechless. I said all symptoms are gone and I started walking that next day and am now running 3 miles. He said he wants that guy to come to his waiting room! I then did all the breathing tests, hand tests, etc. He said I passed with a clean bill of health! No signs of anything! No more follow ups! Thank you Jesus!” - Christine Berry

“A young girl came up for prayer because She had tumors on her liver and kidneys and needed healed. The family let them know that they took her to her doctor and she is completely tumor FREE!!!” -Will Collens

“A few weeks ago, Pastor Jordan mentioned medical bills being paid off supernaturally as a word of knowledge he was hearing from the Lord. This week I had a large bill surface again that I simply couldn’t afford and I took it to the Lord in prayer. They called and demanded payment then put me on hold.  I began to pray and suddenly I felt such a peace come over me, an assurance that the Lord was going to take care of things and that I had no need to worry. The lady came back to the phone and said ‘Ms. Miller, actually never mind; Financial Aid has decided to pay your balance off completely. You have a ZERO balance.’ I was amazed! THANK YOU JESUS!” -Carolyn Miller

“After going up for prayer, shares, Pastor Jordan touched my left ear and I felt a pop in my ear like you would experience on a plane. When he came back by he touched my right ear and i experienced another pop and then an aching pain started for about fifteen minutes and my hearing in my left ear suddenly came back in a major way. Praise God I am enjoying hearing again." -Randy Partridge

“I had intense pain in my jaw for two months straight, since December. Pastor Jordan shard a word about someone with jaw pain for weeks then my husband went up to pray for me being I wasn't there. The pain left that day and hasn't returned!  Thank You JESUS!" -Nancy Kitzmiller

Coming back to Rock of Grace is coming back to a family in pursuit of Christ. This family is alive in the Spirit, pressing into God together, sharing His love and truth with others. If you feel isolated in your Christian walk, come taste and see that the Lord is good!" -Jon Sloan

"I have to tell you that I had intense pain in my shoulder all weekend. I received prayer on Sunday morning and knew God healed me. I haven't had any pain since!"  -Robin See

"My wife has been walking around rejoicing, even doing what I'm calling "the stork" dance just because she can! She has been healed from major knee pain!" - Joel Caracciolo

"I came up for prayer Sunday when the altar call was opened and the prayer team prayed with me. I felt pain relief in my joints and I know God is healing me!" -Cindy Haynes 

"A friend I've been praying about for a long time has joined a Life Group! Thank You, Father, that you are drawing hearts unto Yourself!" -Pastor Jordan 

"We feel like we've finally found our church home."  -Many from our church family

"I had pain in my shoulder and neck that was very distracting and frustrating. God completely healed me during worship." -Will Collens 

"Last year my left hand was going numb during worship after about 10 minutes every single week and even in the studio. I tried wrist braces and that helped to a degree but I still had a frustrating numbing feeling every week during worship forcing me to stop playing. My friend, Ron Kitzmiller prayed for me and since that day, I have not had that happen ONE time and have played for hours. God still heals!!!"  -Pastor Jordan

"I was completely healed of cancer! Yes, cancer!" -Ardean Baumgardner 

"God has more than answered our prayers with my new job. He has supplied every need and adding blessings on top of it." -Jeremy Brownlee