The Path Of Discipleship

The Path is a simple process where you can Connect with who we are, Grow with other believers, begin to Serve and even Lead. This is how we accomplish our vision and apply the Word of God in our effort to lead people to follow Jesus together.  Each of the 4 steps correspond to the weeks of the month.

The first Sunday of every month, we have Step1. After worship you can connect with other believers, meet one of our pastors and ask anything you want. In Step 1, Connect.  You'll also learn what Life Groups are near your home so you can connect with others there.  

The second Sunday of the month, after worship, we have Step 2, Grow.  Our goal is that you'll learn when and where you can grow in your faith with other believers.  You'll learn again about Life Groups, Wed Night Classes, and you'll begin to discover your Spiritual Gifts using a simple 20 minute survey.  It's a lot of fun! 

The third Sunday of the month, we have Step 3, Serve.  Here, you'll get a chance to learn about all the ministries that take place through our church and where you would fit best based on your spiritual gifts and personality.  We want you serving God in your strength zone where you'll find a lot of joy and fulfillment and others will be blessed! 

The fourth Sunday of the month, we have Step 4, Lead. All our leaders gather to pray together, celebrate what God's been doing, look ahead and hear Pastor Jordan's vision for where the church is headed.  We're also trained with practical leadership advice.  After the training, all the ministries break into groups to pray, plan & problem solve.  At that time, you'll have a chance to talk with Pastor Jordan about your Spiritual Gifts Assessment (taken in Step 2) and your desired place of ministry.  

To learn more, watch the video below.  

Worship with us every Sunday morning at 8:30 and 10:30  |  6745 State Route 5; Kinsman, OH 44428