We believe God the Father loves you so much, He gave His only Son, Jesus to die for you so that you could know, love and glorify Him.  We believe Jesus gave His life on a cross, taking our punishment, then rose to new life promising us resurrected life as well!  We believe He gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and remind us of what it means to follow Jesus and bear God's image to the world. We invite you to join us every Sunday at 8:30 or 10:30am as we open God's Word together.  We are passionate about leading people to follow Jesus together.  

Not able to make it this week?  No problem.  We've got you covered!

You can hear the Word of God presented from Rock of Grace every week in three ways. Simply click your preference below.  *We recognize the Facebook feed is occasionally glitchy due to our poor internet strength and we've done everything in our power to strengthen it.  The best way to catch up on a sermon missed is to stream the audio available from the iTunes Podcast which is posted every week.