Rock of Grace
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Rock of Grace

  1. Leading People To Follow Jesus Together 



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Our Vision

Our vision as a church is that we would be leading people to follow Jesus together.  

We believe Jesus Christ has died for our sins. We believe He rose from the dead and gives us resurrection life. We believe He's coming back again to restore all things and that we'll rule and reign with Him. We believe the Bible, front to back. We also believe that God has called us to lead. We're passionate about disciples making disciples so that we can build the Kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Our Values

Honor Jesus Christ  |  Love People  |  Do Everything With Excellence  |    

Live With Integrity  |  Be Servant Leaders  |  Enjoy Life  |

Answer The Call  | 

Our Vehicle

The Path of Discipleship is how we accomplish our vision. We want everyone involved. Our desire is that anyone who calls Rock of Grace home would follow Jesus together in authentic community. Join us this Sunday to take your first step!