Giving Tithes & Offerings

There are various ways you can give your tithe and offerings to the Lord through Rock of Grace.  You can click the button below to give safely and securely using EasyTithe.  You can set up an account quickly and set it to remember you so that every time you give you won't have to type in all your card information.  After you type in the amount, you'll be prompted to select the fund and purpose of your gift using the drop-down menu.  Please select your choice from Tithe, Offering, Church Plant, Missions, Compassion, etc. so our office knows how to designate those funds.  Thank you! 

You can also make checks available to Rock of Grace and send them to 6745 State Route 5; Kinsman, OH 44428 

Build The Temple - Cortland Church Campus 

We're planting a church campus in Cortland, OH and we couldn't be more excited about what the Lord is going to do through this!  We believe that we are called to bring God's Kingdom and to enlarge God's family.  We believe we're called and empowered to reach "Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria & the ends of the earth" as Jesus commanded us and empowered us in Matt 28:19 and Acts 1:8.  God has done an amazing work in making us truly effective in our town of Kinsman and "the ends of the earth"  Our annual missions giving is mind-blowing.  But God has spoken to our hearts and we believe it's time we reach our neighboring cities with the love and power of Jesus Christ!  The way that Jesus gives hope and peace to those living in and near Kinsman, is the same way Jesus is going to give hope and joy and peace to those living in and near Cortland, OH!  God is already raising up leaders from within our church who are saying "Yes" to the call of God to be a apart of this CORE Team and we've only just begun to share the vision.  I've heard the Lord tell me to "tithe" the congregation.  The Lord wants us to send 40 people to help our campus pastor as the CORE Team to serve in ministries and be present every week to love people into the family of God.  If you feel it's possible that you're supposed to be apart of the CORE Team, please let us know using the form below and we'll set up a meeting with you to discuss A) If you've yet been through the Path of Discipleship and are ready to serve B) Which area of ministry is the best fit for you


We have a capital campaign goal of $1,000,000.  We are believing for a building right in the center of town.  It has room to grow and become not only a life-giving, Jesus-centered church for those living in Cortland, but also a "Commons" feel, a place for people to go to simply meet up, have some great coffee and form friendships.  The staff and I have been so convicted over the last few years about the way Jesus ministered and "did life" and it was always in the streets, in the homes, at the parties, with people.  While He did preach in the Synagogue often, His primary ministry took place over a meal and in candid conversation with people.  He was even accused for being a "Friend of Sinners" because of all the time He spent with people outside the faith.  This is our prayer.  That we would befriend and reach people for God's Kingdom the way that Jesus did.  At Rock of Grace, we are leading people to follow Jesus together.  

Below you can give a one-time gift using a credit or debit card, ApplePay or PayPal by clicking one of the designated amounts.  This is a huge leap of faith for us as a body of believers and we believe it's going to take everyone to get on board to accomplish this great task together.  If you would prefer to give monthly, we suggest either using EasyTithe by clicking here or by simply bringing a check with you to church.  Make checks payable to "Rock of Grace" and write "Church Plant" in the memo on the envelope, please.  If you mark the envelope "Building Fund" that is synonymous with "Church Plant"  THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing God to work through you!    

You can hear the vision being casted in the Build The Temple sermon series. Here's Part 2.  

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