Better To Give Financial Seminar | Cost:$20 | Goal: Get On The Path To Financial Freedom! | Aug. 31st, 2019

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The Better to Give Financial Seminar is a 3 hour crash course on money managment. We’ve helped hundreds of people see money the way God teaches us to view it. We’ve seen dozens of couples get on the Path to Financial Freedom. Imagine what it would feel like to be debt-free. Imagine what it would feel like to be able to support any missionary you connect with. Imagine what it’d feel like to be more concerned with God’s call on your life than paying the bills this month. That’s possible! You can do it! All you need is a little guidance and the desire to do it. God will meet you there and provide all the wisdom and strength you need to get financially FREE! Join us August 31st at our new location in Cortland! Bagels and Coffee Provided. Cost is $20. PLEASE REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY WHEN YOU’RE MARRIED - BOTH OF YOU NEED TO REGISTER. THANKS!

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Rock of Grace Cortland Campus: 125 N. Bank Street Cortland Ohio, 44410. Cortland Staff.