S.I.P.  Sisters In Pursuit 

SIP is our women's ministry that has been created to inform and encourage women, develop relationships with each other and grow closer to Christ!

It is our hope that through participation in SIP, women will:

  1. Feel special and loved
  2. Develop a relationship with Jesus and one another
  3. Pray, share & meet each other's needs
  4. Laugh & cry together

In 2017, our focus has been JOY!  God says in Nehemiah 8:10 - The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Our 2018 Events will be posted in January!

Small Group Opportunities for Women    

SIP @ Carol McClellan's - Bible Study led by Marie Hall - 5170 Stoddard Hayes, Farmdale, OH - PH 330-924-2384

SIP @ Nancy Miller's - Bible Study led by Margaret Homer - 4719 Everett Hull Road, Cortland, OH - 330-637-4314

SIP @ Emily Harnett's - Bible Study led by Emily Harnett - 7166 Perkins Greenville, Kinsman, OH - 312-399-2875

SIP @ Rock Grace - Bible Study led by Noelle Custer - 6745 State Route 5, Kinsman, OH - 814-233-1113

You can reach our church office at 330.924.4431 with any questions regarding women's ministries events or SIP Small Groups  

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