Rock of Grace 

Family Ministries

​Connect - to God and people

Grow - in faith and community 

Serve - god and others

  • Every person to meet Jesus as Savior
  • Every disciple to know Jesus as Lord
  • Every follower to see Jesus as Bridegroom

Our Paradigm - Preparing every heart through:

Connecting with God and one another is the first important step. Our Sunday morning worship service provides an excellent opportunity to do just that!  Whether you are new to Rock of Grace or this is your church family, building and maintaining strong relationships is vital. Rock of Grace offers many other relational opportunities throughout the week to invite co-workers, neighbors, friends and family to meet and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and one another. Connect Groups meet in homes, restaurants, as well as the church - offering a relaxed atmosphere where friendships can be formed and developed.  See our Web Calendar and Weekly Update* to find dates, times and places to connect!

Growing in faith and community captures the heart of God for every believer.  Becoming a disciple of Christ requires a personal commitment, but there is nothing more rewarding this side of heaven! Many Grow Groups are offered throughout the week - at the church and in homes - providing on-going opportunities to study and discuss God's Word, be challenged, stretched and grow as believers. See our Web Calendar and Weekly Update* to find dates, times and places to grow!

Serving God and others marks the life of every true follower of Christ. Out of love and obedience, faithful followers find joy in serving Jesus and His church.  Rock of Grace offers many opportunities to serve the body of Christ with the gifts and talents that He freely gives his children. Being part of a strong, vibrant church is exciting; serving to make a church strong and vibrant is a privilege.  Watch the Weekly Update* for listed serve opportunities, be part of a ministry team or simply pray, "Lord, who and where can I serve?"

*Weekly Update is available on Sunday mornings at Rock of Grace.


Our Vision - Making Every Heart Ready
                       We were created for eternity.  Preparing people to meet their Creator is our primary purpose.
                                                                   Making Every Heart Ready prepares: