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Family Ministries

0ne 27

One 27 meets the very real needs of our widows and single moms in our church.  We are inspired and instructed in James 1:27 that to care for them is REAL religion. Let's role up our sleeves and care for those in need and truly demonstrate what it means to be the body of Christ.  Call Tim Neuschler at 330-502-8382 to sign-up! 

Opportunities To connect

Opportunities To Grow

Men's Fellowship @ Bob Pashley's

Join some men from Rock of Grace at Bob Pashley's house at 8494 Stanhope Kelloggsville Rd., Williamsfield every Thursday night at 6:30pm  


We are not to just say that we are Christ-followers, but we are called to demonstrate it by showing compassion to anyone in need in our community. Handyman Ministries offers minor home repairs (excluding electrical, plumbing and roofing) to anyone in our community who simply can't afford it because they've come upon hard times.  We aim to reach out beyond our church body to show the real love of Christ to people in the community. Any need must first be approved by our Pastoral Staff; you can call us at 330-924-4431 to discuss your situation or that of someone you love.  Men, are you good with a hammer?  Are you a plumber or electrician?  We need you on our team to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. Call ROG at 330-924-4431 if you're interested in serving in this ministry.  

Opportunities To Serve

E3 Men's Ministry

‚ÄčEmbark, Equip, Engage

There are many opportunities for you to connect with other men in friendship, grow together in your walk with Christ and even serve together to fulfill God's plan for your life.  Check out some of the opportunities below.  Remember, Connect Grow Serve is a cycle; the more we connect with God and each other, the more we'll want to grow in our faith and the more we grow, the more we will desire to serve God and others!

Breakfast With the guys

Join a few guys at Top Notch in Cortland, OH for Breakfast & a Discussion on the Word of God.  This is every Tuesday at 6am lead by Don McConnell  Map