Rock of Grace 

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In John 12:32, Jesus says "When I am elevated, I will draw all men unto Myself."  He was speaking about the

moment when He would soon give His very life to save us.  He would be lifted up upon a cross and elevated

for the world to see.  This was not just a picture of God, but this is God giving His life for us!  This is purpose of

ELEVATE young adults ministry: We exist to ELEVATE THE ONE who gave His life for us in efforts that ALL

around us would be drawn by love, into a relationship with God.  

ELEVATE is our ministry for young adults ages about 18-30ish =)  Our Grow Group meets every Wed. night at

Rock of Grace Family Ministries (6745 State Route 5; Kinsman, OH 44428).  We join the youth for worship in the

main sanctuary, then we split off and have our discussion for the night.  

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ELEVATE Young Adults Ministry is here to ELEVATE THE ONE that gave his life for us.