In John 12:32, Jesus says "When I am elevated, I will draw all men unto Myself."  He was speaking about the

moment when He would soon give His very life to save us.  He would be lifted up upon a cross and elevated

for the world to see.  This was not just a picture of God, but this is God giving His life for us!  This is purpose of

ELEVATE young adults ministry: We exist to ELEVATE THE ONE who gave His life for us in efforts that ALL

around us would be drawn by love, into a relationship with God.  

ELEVATE is our ministry for young adults ages about 18-30ish =)  Our Grow Group meets every Wed. night at

Rock of Grace Family Ministries (6745 State Route 5; Kinsman, OH 44428).  We join the youth for worship in the

main sanctuary, then we split off and have our discussion for the night.  

         ***SHARE www.ELEVATETHEONE.com with your friends for all ELEVATE info. ‚Äč

ELEVATE Young Adults Ministry is here to ELEVATE THE ONE that gave his life for us.  

Rock of Grace 

Family Ministries