Pastor Mark & Pam Biel have pastored Rock of Grace since 1992 and are passionate about seeing God glorified in our community through the ministry of Rock of Grace.  Pam is Pastor Mark's personal assistant in addition to playing key roles in Women's Ministry and overseeing our Prayer Team.  

"We want people to experience the power and love of Jesus Christ in our services and in our people throughout the week.  We know that God is personal, a Father who wants a relationship with us.  In fact, He desires this so much so that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for us 2000 years ago, taking the punishment that we deserved for our sin.  We've found the joy of knowing Him and we simply want you to as well!  Join us this Sunday at Rock of Grace FAMILY Ministries!"  

-Pastor Mark 

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Rock of Grace 

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